During the Soviet War in Afghanistan, insurgents used Lee-Enfields by the thousands—some captured from the British and passed down as heirlooms, others copied with surprising skill by village gunsmiths. It fires a hardened lead bullet with a muzzle velocity of 1,350 feet per second, and the weapon is sighted for up to 1,000 yards. What has made the Martini-Henry such a durable and even collectible piece is the fact that it was an extremely well-designed firearm for its day. As a result, the British were faced with having to worry about supply for .303, .402, and .450. Origins of the Lee Enfield Rifle: Lee Metford Updates September 21, 2020 Ian McCollum Bolt Action Rifles , Video 16 The Lee Metford MkI had scarcely been introduced when it was modified into the MkI* pattern, This was quickly followed by the MkII and MkII*, the Lee Enfield MkI, and Lee Enfield … Shamsuddin Habib Allah was another great Sufi saint having a liberal attitude towards various religions. It is actually a Peabody pattern—an American designed rifle, which was first patented in 1862, but was fully developed too late to have an impact in the American Civil War—that was further modified to a self-cocking hammerless design of Friederich von Martini of Frauenfeld, Switzerland, along with the rifling design of Edinburgh gunsmith Alexander Henry. The No.5 “Jungle Carbine” was a lighter, shortened version of the Enfield rifle introduced in late 1944. The historical furore that was raised in this regard was the use of a special kind of … This rifle is the Martini-Henry, and today it has become a favorite among collectors. British factories and the U.S.-based Savage Arms Co. rolled out millions of SMLEs. Back in 1857, Hindus believed that one should not eat beef (cow meat) for the cow is their holy animal. Within a decade of the 1888 introduction of the bolt-action Lee-Metford service rifle—designed by Scottish-born gunsmith James Paris Lee and British engineer William Metford to fire black powder cartridges from a 10-round box magazine—the British army began development of a rifle that would fire the Mk I .303-inch ball cartridge using cordite smokeless powder. It was introduced by the British East India Company, under the Bengal Army. Saint Augustine, Christian theologian and philosopher. Many—including those of Corporal Alvin York’s 82nd Division (see “Alvin York: Hero of the Argonne,” by Douglas V. Mastriano, September 2014 Military History)—used U.S.-made M1917 Enfields. Thus several more rounds a minute could be fired, and a soldier could remain in the crouched or prone position, which offers a benefit over the traditional muzzle-loading firearm. Village Administration of Rashtrakuta Empire. These include a Garrison Artillery Carbine, as well as Artillery Carbine Mark I, Mark II, and Mark II. The result—matching Lee’s bolt-action design with rifling developed by the Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield—was the Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk I, introduced in 1895. Introduced in 1853, the Enfield Rifle was a muzzle-loading, rifled musket that had a range of about 1,000 yards. The Lee-Metford would be replaced in 1895 by the Lee-Enfield, the Metford system being the final British rifle to use a black powder propellant. Suddhi Movement aimed at purifying those Hindus who were converted to other religions in the nineteenth century. William Taubman, political scientist, author; won Pulitzer Prize for biography (2004) for his biography of Nikita Khrushchev. Following the first Sudan War the decision was made to provide a smaller caliber, but higher velocity rifle to the troops. HistoryNet.com is brought to you by Historynet LLC, the world's largest publisher of history magazines. While these weapons are considered classics to gun collectors today, it was clear to military planners of the day that a suitable replacement was needed. Originally the British adopted the Short Chamber Boxer-Henry .45-caliber black powder cartridge—the one that Stanley Baker’s Lt. Chard seems to have so much faith in—and later this was replaced by .402-caliber ammunition, and even the later .303-caliber. In short, the rifle is just termed as P-53 rifle. Following the conclusion of the Napoleonic Wars the age of the smoothbore musket was coming to an end, and over the course of the next fifty years, firearms with rifled barrels and breech-loading operation would transform modern warfare. Because of upgrades of existing stockpiles of rifles and conversions these weapons are found today in a variety of calibers. The result was the stopgap Snider-Enfield as an interim measure, and made good use of the huge stockpiles of P53s that the British possessed. Many shots have been heard around the world. Although most troops of the American Expeditionary Force used Springfield M1903 rifles in 1918, units attached to the British were issued SMLEs. More importantly, if it was the Colt Peacemaker that tamed the American West, then it was the Martini-Henry that could be seen as the weapon that maintained order around the globe. The SMLE remained a British mainstay through World War II and the Korean War. © Copyright 2020 Center for the National Interest All Rights Reserved. It was preceded and accompanied in WWII service by the equally famous No.1 MK III rifle of WWI fame. Louis Brandeis, the first Jew to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. Later versions of the Martini-Henry improved upon the design by incorporating other rifling patterns, including the Metford System and even a system designed by Enfield. Motoo Kimura, Japanese biologist who introduced the neutral theory of molecular evolution (1968). This unprecedented rate of fire was due to the short travel and smoothness of the Lee-Enfield’s bolt action. In many ways, the British conflict with the Zulu has become symbolized by the rifle of the day as much as the red jackets and tropical sun helmets worn by the European combatants. The SMLE Mk III proved its superiority to the Mauser at the Aug. 23, 1914, Battle of Mons, during which trained British soldiers averaged 25 aimed rounds a minute, leading German officers to believe they were using machine guns. Also known as Mirza Zanzana, he was a Master of the four Tariqats- Naqshbandia, Qadiria, Suhrawardia and Chishtia Orders. The next year a shorter version was introduced as the Lee-Enfield Cavalry Carbine Mk I, or LEC, with a 21.2-inch barrel as opposed to the 30.2-inch "long" version. Whoopi Goldberg,comedian, actress (The Color Purple; Ghost), singer, talk show host (The View); second African American woman to win an Oscar (Best Supporting Actress, Ghost, 1990); one of few entertainers to have won an Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy. The original designation of the rifle was MLE (Magazine, Lee-Enfield), and in 1904 a short version was introduced, designated SMLE (“Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfield”, colloquially and fondly referred to as ‘smelly’) The rifle was designed by James Paris Lee and manufactured in Enfield The adoption of the Prussian needle-gun and the French Chassepot Rifle were indicators that the aging Enfield Rifle needed to be updated. At the end of the 1964 film Zulu, which chronicled the events of the almost infamous frontier outpost of Rorke’s Drift along Zululand where approximately 100 British soldiers fended off an attack by some four thousand Zulu warriors, Stanley Baker replies that the victory wasn’t merely a miracle, but rather, “a short chamber Boxer Henry .45-caliber miracle.” Whether the real Lieutenant John Chard ever said such a statement is certainly lost to history, but the fact remains that the cartridge and the weapon that fired those bullets played a very decisive role in determining the outcome. He was killed by unknown persons and died a martyr and his mausoleum, situated near Jama Masjid in Delhi, is called the `Shahid Sahab ki Mazar`. He is the author of several books on military headgear including A Gallery of Military Headdress, which is available on Amazon.com. The first pattern Lee-Enfield was refined in 1904 when the shorted barrelled Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (see #4) was introduced. And as these rifles tend to be well over 100-years old, firing them today should be done with extreme caution. The first true Martini-Henry, which was adopted for service in the British Army and designated the Mark I entered service in June 1871. Introduced in 1853, the Enfield Rifle was a muzzle-loading, rifled musket that had a range of about 1,000 yards. Villages were divided for efficient governance.

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