The All New Site

As many of you know Charmingfare Farm has been offering money saving discounts on our most popular family events on our very own deal site for the past three years. It has been a great success and we are excited to share that we are now revamping our site with a fresh new look and will be partnering with other family friendly companies. So you can have the ease and convenience to find everything your family wants at an easy to use, family friendly, money saving, deal site that caters to substantial savings to fun activities, events and product coupon savings for local families.

Charmingfare Farm has been a leader in family fun for over thirty years. Our experience has shown us that everyone wins when you network and partner with an audience of merchants that cater to families and to providing great services. That is our goal to bring you the latest and greatest family activities and products that New England has to offer at a money saving opportunity.

We know there are great deals on all the local deal sites but the difference is that will cater to family fun and adventure, favorite attractions, good eats, educational products, services and products for children and parents, fun toys and cool clothing, places of interest and cultural venues throughout New England. will be launching its new site in the upcoming days and we are excited to extend opportunities for companies new and old to inquire about how we all can benefit. The site will have not only deal purchases but coupon discounts will be available too. There will be a featured products and a current ongoing blog.

We hope you will share the link to with all your family, friends and coworker. Our goal is to provide our loyal supporters with the best deals to the best places and services that New England has to offer.


Awesome Money Saving Opportunities for Families!